Being the pride of the school, the library is a home to a wide collection of books ranging from reference books to fiction, nonfiction, encyclopedias, periodicals, newspapers etc.

Computer Room:
The school boasts of a state of art air- conditioned computer room which enables the children to keep pace with the technological advancement of the world. There is a separate computer lab which caters to the need of vocational stream of the H.S.C. students.

To improve the scientific temper of the students, the school also has well maintained physics, chemistry and bio labs which are regularly updated, as and when required.

Art and Music Room:
For the development of fine arts, the school has separate rooms for art and music.

Knowledge Centre:
To all the students for the facility of research and indepth study, the school has come up with the novel idea of the Knowledge Centre which allows students to make projects based on their curriculum with access to the internet.

Audio-Visual Room:
Textbook learning is imprinted permanently in the minds of the children in the A.V. Room where extra information is given on every lesson in the form of documentaries, short films and clippings through a large screen overhead projector.

Home Science Room:
The Home Science Room is home to the culinary skills of not only girls, but also boys, where some of the most delicious items are prepared by the children under the guidance of their Home Science teachers.

Activity Room:
Each floor of the school is equipped with multipurpose activity room where children prepare their annual bulletins, hold house meetings and practise for various competitions etc.

The school canteen serves nutritious food to the students and is the hub of the student community.

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