Students Corner

I can do.
I am only one,  
But still I am one  
I cannot do everything,  
But still I can do something  
and Because I cannot do everything  
I will not refuse to do something  
that I can do.  
  Sahil Thakur (Std: V)

Mathematics is full of fun,  
With so much, to learn.  
Profits are added,  
While losses are subtracted.  
Speed is multiplied,  
And percentage is divided.  
Geometry is full of mystery,  
And Algebra has a big history.  
Integers are as different as brothers.  
Lines are parallel.  
Angles are similar.  
Maths is necessary in life,  
Without maths it is  
Difficult to survive.  
  Vani Kashyap (Std: IV)


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