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Put on your thinking Cap”

I remember a child asking me “Madam, what do you mean by this?” And I replied “Let the light in your head glow. You shall see the world in a different way.” Yes dear parents let us all don on our thinking caps, for thinking gives birth to various thoughts Positive and negative. Positive thoughts are like bubbles in a soda bottle, effervescent, light, and bubbly. It keeps you in high spirit and spreads happiness around. Our brain which is a tremendous POWERHOUSE of thought is responsible for our actions, reactions, creations. Let us teach our children to think positively to put their thoughts into action to reflect on the effects of their actions on themselves and others. Teach them to see the impact of their actions does it bring a smile on your face or a frown?

Dear Parents we elders play a pivotal role in our children’s life and are their role models. What they see us doing is what they do. How we speak is how they speak.  How we act is how they act. They try to become our mirror image. So don’t you think we all should reflect on our own actions? Why blame the child when fault lies in you?  Every day when you look into the mirror, see not only your outer self but also your inner self. Be truthful in your own self analysis and put on your thinking caps.  The picture that emerges in your mind is your true self it may be sweet or bitter. But at least you have seen it. Accept it and change for the better if you feel you have to. Do not forget we are responsible for our children, their mental and physical growth. They can become an ordinary worm or a GLOW WORM. So, let you and me join hands and shoulder this responsibility of adding color to their life, bringing a spark to their eyes and a smile on their lips. Above all kindle the fire in their minds to burn brighter.

Man cried to God
O Oh give me something I’ve nothing.

God said                                              
You asked me for warmth,
I gave you the sun
You asked me for coolness, I gave you the moon
You asked me for shelter, I gave you the earth
You asked me for love, I gave you family
You asked me for a miracle, I gave you a child.

Let us dear parents treasure the miracle of God.

Mrs. Jayashree Krishnan

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