List of the names of the competition have been conducted

All round development of student is of student is of atmost priority for us at SVTP'S Saraswati vidyalaya G B Road, Thane (W).There are Various  competitions held throughout the year to enable the students to exhibit their talent

1) Drawing Competition:
          Drawing competition was a class wise competition held in the month of July. Each Class has given a different topic depending upon their level of ability. Supervision has done by respective Class teacher.

2) Essay Writing Competition:
          Essay competition was also a class wise competition. The topics given to the students were according to their standards.Assessment was done randomly by teachers.

3) Elocution Competitio:
          Elocution Competition was the first house wise competition.3 Students from each house were selected Topics were given to students before hand and students had to speak for 2 minutes.

4) Group Singing Competition:
        Group Singing Competition was a house wise competition. The Choice of songs was of patriotic theme. Practice was conducted by housemistress and the selected song was to be performed on 15th August.

5) Sanskrit Shloka Recitation Competition:
       Sanskrit Shloka Recitation Competition was conducted to increase the memorization skills and enhance pronunciation of the language. Topic for primary was “Ram Raksha” and for secondary was “Ganapati Atharvashirsha”.

6) Mono Acting Competition:
       This was on extremely challenging competition held house wise. 3 Students from Each house participated. Topic was chosen by students themselves. Each student was to perform a short drama playing 3 or more characters himself

7) Solo Singing Competition:
        Solo Singing was a house wise competition. Topic for song was given before hand and practice was conducted by house mistress and music teacher

8) Hindi Recitation Competition.
        On the Occasion of Hindi day a Hindi poem recitation was conducted. This was also a house wise competiton.Inforamtion about various Hindi poets was also shared with everyone

9) Story Telling Competition:
10) Solo Dancing Competition:
11) Group Dance Competition:
12) Marathi Recitation Competitions:
13) Bulletin Competition:
List of Outside Exams Conducted:
Students are encouraged to appear for various outside exams as mentioned below:
1) Maharashtra State High School Scholarship Exam.
    Maharashtra State Middle School Scholarship Exam
2) National Talent Search Exam.
3) Dr.Homi Bhabha Balavidnyanik.
4) All india Open Mathematics Scholarship Examination.
5) National Science Olympiad.
6) Inter National Maths Olympiad.
7) Inter National English Olympiad
8) Junior Maths Olympiad.
9) Maths Aptitude Test.

We encourage our pupils to participate in interschool competitions as well as competitions conducted by other organizations.

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